System Configuration

Smig always works as part of an Automation system or  Robotic welding cell 

WCM – Welding Control Module

Incorporates the system controller, plasma power sources, gases panel, cooler, and user interface.
GMAW system provided by customer.

HD-Heavy duty torch

(≈ 250X150X80mm /5kg )
Designed for Thick steels welds
Butt welds up to 12 mm – one pass , no prep.
Plasma Max Amp 360A
High speed welding
Good gas coverage
Easy maintenance

MD-Medium duty torch

(≈ 160X80X60 mm /3kg )
Designed for thinner steel welds Butt welds up to 8 mm – one pass Able to serve at narrower gaps Plasma Max Amp 200A High speed welding Good area gas coverage

HD Slim

Follows developments of HD and MD, Designed for joint designs where space for nozzle is narrow, Multi-pass joints, Fillet welds. Increased penetration , small reinforcement Easy maintenance


Push-pull ready for reliable wire feed ability Adjustable GMAW stand off distance Plasma arc to allow oxide coating burn off for improved overall weld quality Minimizes HAZ High weld deposition rates The system uses an AC or DC power supply for the plasma torch System under initial evaluation will focus on 5xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx series aluminum alloys in thicknesses up to 12 mm