About us

Since its foundation in 2012 WeldObot has been developing and marketing a wide variety of innovative welding solutions. The WeldObot product line consists of two technologies:

  • SuperMIG® – patented hybrid systems combining a powerful plasma arc with GMAW in one torch. SuperMIG® range of systems provides users a full welding solution for most metal & alloys, joint configurations, applications and thicknesses.
  • WOB101, patent pending smart robotic pipe welding system dramatically increasing pipe welding throughput. WOB101 is easy to install, has unique tracking system and can weld large diameter (e.g. 100″ ) with butt or overlap joints.


WeldObot products offer manufacturers major improvements in welding throughput and quality while providing a robust, productive and cost-effective solution compared with conventional processes.
Operating from its facilities in Kibutz Eyal, Israel, and its network of application & demonstration laboratories within its regional offices and distributors’ facilities, WeldObot is servicing an ever growing customer base, which includes multinational corporations in Europe, USA, China and Japan.
The main markets to immediately benefit from the SuperMIG® innovative products include productions where improved automated welding within manufacturing lines (using robots and CNC based machinery) has become a pre-requisite for its economic success. These include carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys for a variety of applications, and tier-1/tier-2 suppliers who serve these industries.

Technology Competitive Advantages

Both the SuperMIG® hybrid systems (as well as the WOB) offer the user significant advantages, resulting in:
More than 2x increase of welding speed and productivity,
More than 2x increase of welding penetration depth at improved quality,
Enables penetration welding of overlap joints with no access holes,
Almost no grooving or edge-preparation is required,
Dramatically reduced distortion of work-piece: no need of post-weld treatment or surface-cleaning,
Dramatically reduced weld-spatter and use of filler wire,
Increased potential of use in new materials and challenging applications,
The final result is a very significant reduction in the welding cost per piece and per inch/cm.